Adobe Data Workbench - Licensing

Part of Adobe Analytics Premium and the Adobe Marketing Cloud

Data Workbench Licensing and Certificates Overview

Adobe Data Workbench is multi-channel, big data, analytics tool designed for on the fly querying of datasets derived from various sources. Over the life span of the product's development a number of options for customer use has been offered. Given the nature of these options your organization may have unique operating conditions for you deployment of the product. This document provides information specifically targeting the unique licensing model used by Data Workbench. For a more detailed overview of product features and configuration options please see the Adobe Data Workbench Product Documentation site.

Certificate files

Security and product licensing compliance is controlled through the use of SSL certificates issued by Adobe Systems to our customers. These certificate files are available here on the Data Workbench license site. For qualifying products these certificate files are placed in the Certificates directory in the product installation folder.

In order to ensure license compliance and general product security certificate files are required to periodically be rechecked against Adobe's license server. Thought please note not all products in the Data Workbench family require a certificate file to function.

Data Workbench features that require certificates

Data Workbench Server (w/ Query API), Data Workbench Client, Report Server, Query API Client

Data Workbench components that use an alternative licensing process

Dashboard, Sensor

Requesting certificate files and access to software

Certificates are generated by request for support users. Supported users are key individuals at customer organizations that have been registered with AdobeSystems. If you need a certificate file please contact your organizations supported users to discuss.

Types of customers

Analytics Premium

Analytics Premium is currently the standard product delivery method. Customers are provided Client certificates only. With Server licenses handled by Adobe managed services. Analytics Premium customers are provided an unlimited number of Client licenses for their organization.

Discover On Premise / Adobe Insight

Discover On Premise customers are provided both Server and Client certificates. Usually offered under a term agreement, with defined license end dates, DoP customers have a set number of Server and Client licenses. With Server licenses issued on a per machine basis. Client licenses issued on a per user basis, with users able to request additional certificates per machine.

Visual Workstation

Visual Workstation licenses are provided to our customers under a legacy perpetual purchasing option. Workstation customers are granted a set number of Server and Client licenses, which do not expire at the end of a set term. While certificates may require periodic rechecks for improved security, Adobe Systems will continue to offer certificates under a customers license agreement for as long needed.